Traveling Blues

Therapeutic Blend for Car Sickness and Nausea

An essential oil blend that uses specific EO’s to target the various symptoms of the motion sickness.

Blend of:

  • Ginge root is the like holy grail of nausea relief! It can ease vomiting, motion sickness, and gently relieves stomach discomfort
  • Peppermint is a menthol rich leaf that acts as a natural digestive aid and is excellent for nausea and motion sickness
  • Lavender is a potent flower and a great partner oil, especially when stressed out with agitation, anxiety, or nervousness. Also, it helps to calm the stomach or stomach knots.
  • Roman Chamomile flower tops are a mild sedative and are a great influence when traveling
  • Nutmeg is also good for alleviating nausea. It’s anti inflammatory properties relieve stomach pain and aid in digestion
Traveling Blues
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